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Tim and Suzy Perry

TIM and SUZY PERRY:  Mantrailing, HRD (land and water)

Tim and Suzy have been working bloodhounds for since 1991.  They are members of Sumner County Emergency Management of which Tim is the K-9 Captain and have served for over 30 years as Reserve Officers with six different departments.  Suzy has served on SWGDOG, a scientific working group on dogs and orthogonal detector guidelines, since 2005.  SWGDOG was collaboratively funded by the FBI, National Institute of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.  She now sits on the Crime Scene/Death Investigation Group (Dogs and Sensors) of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) an agency of the US Dept. of Commerce.  The group’s mission is to strengthen forensic science in the use of K9s in the United States.  Suzy was responsible for the development of the standards for disciplines of Aged Trails, Locations Checks and Patrol Dogs.  She was appointed Chairperson for the Dogs and Sensors Consensus Board with American Standards Board.  Since their relocation back to Tennessee they receive all types of calls on felonies/lost children/drowning/murders/burglaries and Alzheimer patients.   They have been deployed for two tornadoes with their bloodhounds.  Tim and Suzy are members of the National Police Bloodhound Association (NPBA) and Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association (LEBA).   The Perrys have published a book titled Mantrailing Our Way which is available on Amazon.



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