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Jennifer Lettich-Snyder


JENNIFER LETTICH-SNYDER:  Mantrailing and HRD (Land and Water)

Jennifer has been involved in Emergency Services since 2001.  She had a long desire to do search and rescue. With a background as a certified veterinary technician and a canine rehabilitation practitioner, Jenifer started her journey in Search and Rescue in 2016.  With her having this background it provides an understanding of preventative medicine and wellness of the working canine.  Jen has a dual certified man trailing and HRD land canine named Charlotte.  She holds countless certifications with NASAR, PSARC and other organizations. She is a member of the Tri- County Obedience Dog Club and Precious Paws Therapy Program. Currently, she is working her second canine, Penelope, in Mantrailing and HRD. 

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