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Adam Reynolds


ADAM REYNOLDS (Mantrailing)

I am a full time K9 officer with Pittsylvania County. Our department believes in the benefits of K9 abilities and most of our call outs are for criminal activity. I run a scent specific bloodhound and K9 has been used from everything from Capital Murder to shoplifting. Our most high profile case was with assisting FBI case tracking a wanted person with 18 active felony warrants and 11 of those were for murder. That apprehension ended with testimony in Federal Court. K9 has also been part of investigative work and used on scene of a murder that lead to putting a suspect on scene. Due to K9 information obtained another suspect was charged and plead guilty prior to trial. Several missing or endangered persons are alive today due to K9 finding them prior to them dying. I received the Garland Gilman award for my and my K9s service of which we are very proud. 

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