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Keith McKenzie

KEITH MCKENZIE:  Mantrailing

Keith has been a canine handler for the Rochester, New Hampshire Police Department for 13 years. His K-9 partner, Fina is a female German Shepherd who was certified in narcotics, tracking, and evidence recovery.  Keith just recently retired Fina and has trained a female Lab for narcotic detection and soon will start on evidence detection and tracking. Keith also works part-time for the Strafford County Sheriff’s Office the last two years and handles/supervises their Bloodhound Unit.  Keith is the narcotics canine trainer for the NH Police K-9 Academy and is a nationally certified trainer through the United States Police Canine Association. Keith’s bloodhound, Daisy Mae is utilized throughout New Hampshire and Maine for trailing everything from lost hikers and children to bank robbers and homicide suspects.  Keith handles more than one hundred calls for service annually.

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