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Darin Behm


DARIN BEHM:  Mantrailing
Darin began his law enforcement career as a cadet with the Charles County Sheriff's Office in 2003, and graduated from the police academy in 2005. Darin worked in the Patrol Division until 2012, when he was assigned to the Special Operations Division K9 Unit.  As a K9 Officer he has handled a patrol & narcotics K9, and a patrol & EOD K9. Darin and his K9 partner have over 180 apprehensions in 8 years, including physical apprehensions, felony give-up apprehensions, and narcotic apprehensions. In 2017 he helped reestablish the bloodhound program for the department, after a 30 year hiatus. Since working his bloodhound, Copper, the team has made numerous finds, and they assisted with armed robberies, homicides. Darin's training techniques involve attention to detail, and using his knowledge of scent, while working with his K9 partners. Darin participated in a Human Scent Evidence research project set up by the FBI in 2018, to assist them with unusual case related findings. He is on the US Park Police Search and Rescue call out and fly list. He continues to pass along his knowledge and tracking techniques to his unit, and helps with other agencies when needed. Darin has received multiple awards, including the Bronze Medal of Valor, Officer of the Year in 2012, and the lifesaving medal in 2014.  Darin’s hobbies include hunting and fishing, and being with his wife and 2 children. 

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