Recommended Performance Standards – Tracking/Trailing

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability of the canine to track/trail the scent of a particular person and be able to discriminate from the cross track/trail by following the original track/trail to a successful conclusion.

These Field Certification Tests represent MINIMUM requirements for certification. All K-9 teams must incorporate in their training, terrain types specific to their area and aspects of handling that are not required for certification. All K-9 team’s training and deployments must be carefully documented.

Fee for Tracking/Trailing Field Certification Test will be

$45 Non-refundable

 And must accompany the

Old Dominion K-9 Tracking/Trailing Field Test Application

Click on the Application link below to fill out the form.


K-9 teams must pre-register for test by September 15, 2022

Please click on the links below to open each form.

Instructions: Fill out the forms then save it to your desktop.

When you have completed the forms please email them back to olddominionsar@hotmail.com