Tory Moffett

TORY MOFFETT:  Mantrailing

Tory has been Police Officer for over 16 years.  He is currently a Patrol Supervisor for the Town of Greece Police Department in Rochester, NY.  Tory is the son of fellow Instructor Dick Moffett and has been involved in training canines most of his life; to include two man-trailing bloodhounds and a narcotics/cadaver Labrador.  For the past 10 years, he has trained and worked a bloodhound for man-trailing.  Tory and K-9 Ruby were asked to participate in a Human Scent Evidence research project set up by the FBI in 2005 to assist them in explaining some unusual case related findings and to publish these findings in a scientific journal.  Currently, Tory is assisting his Department with implementing a Canine Unit, which they have not had in over 10 years and the possibility of having the first Law Enforcement man-trailing bloodhound in the county since the 1980's.