Patrick Berry

Patrick Berry_Sadiq DOGS East 2020.jpg

Patrick Berry:  Joined the Search And Rescue (SAR) community in 2006 with Greater Atlantic Rescue Dogs and continued with DOGS East from 2014 to present.  During that time, Patrick responded to over 250 searches as an Operational Handler.  He is a group evaluator for DOGS East and also a State Evaluator for K9 teams that operate with Memorandums of Understanding with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM).  He helps to maintain the state’s rigorous SAR standards as a member the Virginia Search and Rescue Council (VASARCO) and teaches Wilderness Air Scent and land navigation principles at other seminars in Virginia and throughout the mid-Atlantic region.  He is currently working his second K9 “Sadiq” in Wilderness Air Scent.