20th September – 25th September 2020

 WHERE: Holiday Lake 4-H Camp, Appomattox, VA

FOOD and LODGING: Catered meals will include Sunday dinner through Friday breakfast. Lodging and meals cannot be broken down on a per day or per meal basis. NO EXCEPTIONS.

UNHEATED CABINS with electricity, bunk beds, which can sleep 6 – 8. 

HEATED BUNKHOUSE is available to the first 30 paid handlers who plan on keeping their K-9’s in the cabin at night. K-9’s must be housed in their crates at all times. Only ONE K-9 per handler may be housed in the heated bunkhouse. Sleeping arrangements are co-ed bunk style.   

HEATED LODGE is available to any handler keeping their K-9 in outdoor crates or in their vehicles. The lodge will accommodate 10 – 15 people in each of the four (4) sections. Absolutely under NO circumstance are any K-9 allowed in the newer lodges at any time, due to camp regulations. Shower and toilet facilities are centrally located.


REGISTRATION: Registration begins at 15:00 (3PM) on Sunday, 20th September 2020. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will anyone be allowed in camp before 15:00 (3:00PM) hours due to State Program prior to ours. Pre-registration - $425.00. This includes a $175.00 deposit and registration fee. Space permitting, registrations will be accepted at door for an additional fee of $25.00. BALANCE DUE IN CASHIERS CHECKS/MONEY ORDERS/CASH/PAYPAL: A service charge will be added for any returned checks.

ATTENDANCE: No kennels will be provided for canines in attendance. Please bring your own kennels, crates or pens. No canines will be allowed unleashed. You will be responsible for your canine's area.

TRAINING: Actual fieldwork will be the emphasis for the week. Rural, town, urban and wilderness areas will be available. The Holiday Lake 4-H Camp with 23,000 acres of forestland adjoining will be excellent for those wishing to use their wilderness skills. A 100-acre lake is located on the campgrounds. Classroom training will be held on the campground in the Conference room or the Amphitheater. Classes will include trailing/tracking, air scent, along with land cadaver and water cadaver. ONLY ONE K-9 PER HANDLER IN ATTENDANCE.

CLIMATE: Virginia weather is unpredictable this time of year though usually warm. Bring warm clothes, bed linens, sleeping bags, rain gear and safety eyewear. Be prepared to share your cabin with others. 

NOTE: An AUCTION will be held on Wednesday evening with the AWARDS on Thursday evening along with a steak cookout. Be sure to bring along some of your treasures for the auction. These treasures can even be BREED SPECIFIC.  Special guest speaker on Monday evening.  TBA

DEPOSIT: Deposit of $175.00 MUST be included with your registration form. This will be non-refundable except under extenuating circumstances. Deposit MUST BE RECEIVED no later than 10th September 2020.


SPECIAL NOTE: In case of an emergency, Holiday Lake 4-H Camp/Education Center, Inc., Appomattox, VA (434) 248-5444 or call the Appomattox County Sheriff’s Department in extreme emergencies (434) 352-8241. 


NONDISCRIMINATORY POLICY: Old Dominion K-9 provides equal opportunity to all participants, instructors and board members. Old Dominion K-9 does NOT discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious beliefs, disability, gender and sexual orientation.

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